A Cantic Christmas: A Christmas tale about Citizenship and Immigration


Moonrise from the Doyon dock.

Click on the picture to go to amazon.com to purchase a copy of  A Cantic Christmas: a tale about citizenship and immigration.

[Around] 60 years ago today, in a winter as cold, maybe colder, than this year’s winter, a transient heading north was waylaid at the Cantic border station in Québec, a desolate nowhere.  A Christmas story inspired by John Bédard’s short story, Citizenship first published in his book Border Guards. You can find it on Amazon.com. Joyeux Noël!

I rewrote this short story as a Christmas gift to the world from my father and I.  The story captures both the harshness of immigration law, the cold and unknowing outside, away from the back room and the heater, and the joy of Christmas. 


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